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Softspun Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloth (Set of 5, Multicolour)

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Price: ₹755.00 - ₹355.00
(as of May 17,2022 09:45:24 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer

Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloth Set of 5 for Detailing & Polishing

Softspun Microfiber Cleaning Towels are the perfect tool for any cleaning need. Whether indoors or outdoors, they can handle the toughest of grease, dirt, dust, and spills while remaining safe on all surfaces. Each cloth is assigned their own color to prevent cross-contamination between cleaning areas around the house, yard, or garage. Softspun Microfiber is a combination of 80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide, with fibers approx 1/100 of a human hair. Thus creating a fabric with amazing ability to pick up and trap dirt coupled with superior absorbency and scrubbing power. This pack includes 5 microfiber towels in 5 assorted colors.


Why choose Softspun Microfiber over cotton towels/cleaning cloth?

Cotton is like a fishing net with large holes. If you scoop sand, dust or microscopic germs, they escape through the large holes or just get pushed around. But, Softspun Microfiber Towels catch the dirt and dust. Softspun Microfiber towels, unlike cotton cloths have an affinity to oil that allows oil to cling directly to the fibers. But that’s not all though. Read more!

It’s super absorbent

Softspun microfiber cleaning towels are hydrophilic meaning they have a special affinity for water spreads across it easily, maximizing contact. Our microfiber towels are capable of absorbing 3-4 times their weight in water.

It’s lint-free

Ever got frustrated wiping a glass/shiny surface with a cotton cloth only to find lint/hair all over the screen? Well, you can say goodbye to that! Softspun microfiber towels are ideal for providing a streak-free, lint-free shine on household and automotive surfaces.

It uses only Water to Clean

With Softspun microfiber towels, there’s no need for buying expensive detergents and cleaning products. Its hydrophiic properties allows you to clean any surface effectively with just water.

It lasts as much as 500 washes

Softspun microfiber towels can be washed hundreds of times, and will dry in half the time of ordinary towels/cotton towels. It also requires less water than cotton to wash.

Easily washable, no chemicals required, no bleach- light weight – lasts hundreds of washes
Colours: Purple, grey, orange, pink, green and Our microfiber towels are capable of absorbing 3-4 times their weight in water
Size- 40×40 cm, plush feel microfiber of 340 gsm, pack of 5

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