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GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Power Strip with Master Switch, Indicator, Safety Shutter & 4 international sockets

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(as of Apr 01,2022 13:54:52 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer

Want to protect your electronic gadgets from surge? Do you have a number of appliances that are plugged directly into power outlets? It’s recommended that you plug your gadgets into a spike guard or a power strip. Shop online for the GM 3060 E-book 4+1 spike guard online at Amazon India and save your electronics and accessories from damages caused by power surges.

Four Sockets with Safety Shutters

Most of us have more electronic devices than we have plugs on our walls. That’s why, a power strip is a great means to protect your accessories against random power surges and spike damage. You can also use it when you’re adding more outlets for your various gadgets. This GM 3060 E-book 4+1 spike guard features versatile sockets, 4 multi-purpose international sockets with a master switch. The sockets feature safety shutters to save little ones or others from accidently placing their hands into it.

Thermal Trip Technology and Fire Retardant Protection

Want to plug multiple components of your electrical equipment into one power outlet? This spike guard from GM features a built-in safety shutter with thermal trip technology. This helps protect your various appliances against voltage fluctuations. The GM Modular spike guard also comes with a fire retardant protection for reduced flammability of the device.

Ergonomic Design of the Socket Spike Guard

Ergonomically designed, this GM 3060 E-book 4+1 spike guard sports a power strip that features sockets, a master switch and an indicator. Multitasking is not a new concept in today’s world. The rising demands of the tech-savvy population require devices such as this socket spike guard that helps them stay connected, safely. It also acts as an extension cord, letting you connect and protect four appliances.

International Socket Spike Guard of 240V and 60 Hertz Frequency

If not for a total product failure, your electronics can be affected with minor surges over time. power strips that as this one from GM play an essential role in enhancing the life span of these devices. It is an international socket spike guard of 240V and 60 hertz frequency. Not just that, surge or spike protectors are commonly used to power up multiple devices.

Product Model No
GM 3060 GM 3068 GM 3056 3058 3059 3201

Switch Type
4+ 1 (4 sockets with 1 Master switch) 4+ 1 (4 sockets with 1 Master switch) 4+ 1 (4 sockets with 1 Master switch) 4+ 1 (4 sockets with 1 Master switch) 6+ 1 (6 sockets with 1 Master switch) 2+2+1(2 sockets & 2 Pin sockets with Master switch

Socket Type
International International International International International International

Safety Shutter
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Total Max Load
10 Amp 10 Amp 10 Amp 10 Amp 10 Amp Yes

Thermal Tripper
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Surge Protector/MOVs
No No Yes Yes Yes No

Cable Length
2 m 2 m 2 m 2 m 2 m 2 m

Fire Retardent Protection
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Safety shutter: It has a child safety shutter. Ensures safety of your loved ones against electric shock
Indicator: Indicates availability of power supply ; Material: Polycarbonate ; Other Features: Versatile Sockets ; Fire-retardant
Total Max load of 10A
Length of cable = 2m
Safety shutdown technology – It has Thermal overload trip to power off your system, which saves all connected devices in the event of a severe over current. In case of overload the protector will trip to switch off position. You can press red button to return to safe function mode
Fire retardant protection: All the sockets parts of the product have been manufactured from fire-retardant imported engineering products

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